Who is Morgan Clark?

Morgan came to Nashville 5 years ago to make a living doing what she loves and she is already doing just that… which one can only attribute to her talent, passion, determination, and work ethic.

Morgan has a residency gig 3 nights a week at the Hilton Garden Inn on Broadway, in the heart of Music Row and she tours regionally with her band on the weekends, amidst a steady flow of private and corporate functions. And somewhere in there, Morgan spends every spare minute loving, the craft of songwriting and her circle of co-writers, the key to it all, in today’s music industry.

As a matter of fact, CONGRATULATIONS are in order … Morgan just received confirmation of her ‘FIRST CUT’ on Cash Creek’s new children’s album, entitled ‘Dance With The Dinosaurs’, release date August 30, 2019. Morgan co-wrote the track entitled ‘Same Old Bologna’ with Russ Lacasse. If you would like to order a copy, the album is currently for pre-sale on I-Tunes and Amazon Music.

Clark calls her music ‘Retro Pop/Country’ and retro it is, stemming from her musical influences from the ‘Golden Age of Pop’ in the 50’s and 60’s to the point of delighting all ages of fans, who come to watch her perform live. But don’t let her beauty blind you to the fact that Morgan is a beast of an overachiever … and … a tomboy at heart. Before arriving in Nashville, she was a hard-core ski-racing coach, while competing professionally on the beautiful White Mountains of New Hampshire,  where she also grew up driving locomotives and training bears at the family business, Clark’s Trading Post.

Morgan listens to God and her heart and her passions encompass a variety of life’s offerings … Family, boating, working out, nature, fashion, art, travel, co-piloting a Piper Comanche, lemon meringue pie, a green apple a day, and more music …

Morgan inherited her Father’s warmth, her mother’s feistiness, her sister’s smarts, and her cat’s MEOW. And her favorite colors are teal & pink … in case you haven’t noticed.

The fact is … Morgan’s graceful yet humble presence turns heads. We call that the ‘it-factor’ and so … her time has arrived. Morgan has done the work and she is ‘READY’. With one record already in-hand, Morgan just finished recording her ‘label pitch-project’ at Blackbird Studios, in May/2019, with producer ‘Randy Rockit’ and her very best original songs … which with God’s Blessing, will hopefully result in her first record deal, publishing deal, big venue tour, National exposure and the next chapter of her already very successful musical journey.

“Maneuvering my way through the ins and outs of the music industry has undoubtedly put a pep in my step … and my fitbit can prove it! But getting ready for what God has in store, has been the most fun of all. All I know is, the doors that don’t open aren’t meant to open and the doors that do, are.”

On July 23rd, after a solid month of rehearsals, Morgan treated her closest industry team members to a LIVE ‘Uncharted Listening Party On The Lake’. Which according to attendees, revealed world class music and a world class performer, at what may well have turned out to be, the most talked about listening party of the season.